Hell’s Coliseum: Dark Minotaur 

The second story in the Hell’s Coliseum series, ‘Hell’s Coliseum: Dark Minotaur’, is finished!!!! Now begins that hardcore editing process! I plan to release the story by September 1st! So we’ll see how the editing goes. Hell’s Coliseum is free for download off Amazon this weekend, so now is a good chance to get the first story for free before the second is released! Happy reading!


Hell’s Coliseum is now on Amazon!

i have published my first short story on Amazon! It’s only .99 cents so check it out! I’ll post the link below. It will also be available on Nook in a few days for those who don’t have kindle! Enjoy!

Hell’s Coliseum by Matthew Zellmer et al.


Just posted the first half of a new story on Wattpad! It’s called Arachnoextinction, I was going to wait until it was done but it is SO much longer than I anticipated so I decided to post an (unedited) part. The rest is on the way!

Currently working on some crazy, over the top story. Because what is more fun than a totally ridiculous story that is so nonbelievble it becomes fun?! Can’t wait to share it on Wattpad! Hopefully sometime this next week! Also working on the next short story of Hell’s Coliseum. I should have that out at some point this month!


Hell’s Coliseum is now posted on my Wattpad account and ready to read! Check it out here!

Or using your Wattpad app search for my username ‘mzellmer’!

Hello world!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my writing blog! I have an older WordPress blog from my Oklahoma State days, but since that one was all sports, I decided to make a new one for my fiction writing! I will be doing the majority of my updates from my phone, so excuse typos or small grammatical errors, I spend time editing my stories not my blog! I will try to keep up with updating my blog, but we’ll see how that goes! You can also follow me on my Twitter account, I will be far more active on that! I joined Wattpad today so I’m excited to see what I can do with that! I’ll be posting ‘Hell’s Coliseum’ shortly, it’s the first story in my short story series. So check it out! I’m currently waiting to hear back from a few possible literary magazines and after that I will be posting that story, and the rest of the series as I finish, on Amazon! So check out ‘Hell’s Coliseum’ for free today on Wattpad! Follow me here, on Wattpad, or on Twitter to keep up with ‘Hell’s Coliseum’ and the several other stories I am working on! Happy reading!

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